Configure a Relying Party Trust to Use a Specific Claims Provider Trust

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If you have AD FS configured with one or more Claims Provider Trusts, you may want to force the user’s browser to load one of those CPT’s instead of loading the main AD FS screen that provides them a choice. This is accomplished using the Set-AdfsRelyingPartytrust command in PowerShell. On the main AD FS server, open PowerShell as administrator. Run the command Set-AdfsRelyingPartyTrust -TargetName <the name of your RPT> -ClaimsProviderName @(“<the name of your CPT>”).

For example, before making the change, users are presented with a choice of AD FS logins. In this example, one is the main AD FS instance, and the other is the Claims Provider Trust.

And after the change, the user will automatically be directed to the login for the claims provider trust (so there is no need for them to make a selection).