Richmond University Medical Center Modernizes Interoperability with Infor Healthcare’s Cloverleaf

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Staten Island’s Richmond University Medical Center (RUMC) has selected Infor Cloverleaf™ to increase interoperability across its network of healthcare services and providers. The Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite is an innovative foundation for clinical interoperability and supports many protocols for communication, which can transform messages between various industry-standard data formats. RUMC will deploy Infor Cloverleaf to contribute to improved care outcomes, and to lower healthcare costs for patients. By moving interoperability to the cloud, RUMC will be able to focus more time on care outcomes and business outcomes, less time managing servers and applications, begin leveraging FHIR and API-based data exchange, and benefit from being on the latest version of Cloverleaf with routine upgrades. Per the press release, Infor Cloverleaf will enable data interoperability and integration across clinical applications, both inside and outside of the organization, through support of proprietary and traditional data formats and protocols as well as newer web-based API standards such as FHIR.


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