Cisco VPN not connecting – simple fix without a reboot

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We provide several customers with our MSP services in Lawson and often are switching between several VPNs throughout the day. Our VPNs are fairly reliable but every once in a while, they fail to connect and only a reboot seems to resolve. Unfortunately, this means closing all of our current tasks and documents that are open and essentially stepping out of our work flow.


Follow these steps below to resolve your CISCO VPN connection issue:

  1. Close CISCO VPN by right clicking it in the bottom right Windows tray bar
  2. Open windows task manager with CTRL + SHIFT + ESCAPE
  3. Go to services and find vpnagent

  4. Right click it and select STOP, wait for it to stop completely.
  5. Right click it again and select START
  6. Open Cisco VPN again and try to connect once more. That’s it!

If you’re still having issues, it may be the VPN server you’re connecting to in which you’ll have to reach out to a dedicated Windows team for that client. Good luck!