Lawson Server File Maintenance

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Between batch job files, temporary files, and core dumps, file storage can quickly get out of hand on your LSF server.  Here are some recommendations for cleaning up your server:

  1. Download a tool like windirstat to scan your directories and quickly find “problem” areas.
  2. Run a perl script to list out all the files recursively in a directory, and save to CSV. Here is a sample script that traverses the print directory and gets all the file stats within.  This will help you make a more informed decision on what to delete.
  3. Run the deljobhst command with the “r” and “c” parameters to delete completed jobs up to a specific date, including the print files. Make sure you supply a date that meets your company’s archive policy, and/or back up the directory to a separate location.  For more on the deljobhst command, click here.