Building a solid technology foundation enables transformation

John P. Donohue, Penn Medicine’s Vice President of Information Services Enterprise Services, shares a article on Healthcare IT News on the importance of building a solid and transformative technology foundation. He compares the importance of building a physical foundation for a house or large building as the structural strength in technology sectors. This foundation should be able to support long term stability for a company as well as future changes and needs. Donohue says IT professionals need to be ahead of the game in terms of establishing and maintaining the capabilities of their technology foundation. There are two areas he thinks IT professionals needs to consider to achieve this.

  • Wireless capabilities. Donohue states, “People who have not designed and implemented wireless infrastructures with a scalable and extensible architecture are seeing the need to delay projects while they do forklift upgrades to their WiFi technologies. Asking your operational folks to delay projects while you enhance your foundational technologies is an unsurmountable feat.”
  • Information security. Donohue states, “As we install more Internet of Devices in our environments, our vulnerability landscape grows. We need strong foundational technologies in our information security toolset that can scale and grow to meet the dynamics of the threats.”

With COVID-19 hitting the economy this past spring, this tested the capabilities and foundations of many companies and their tech sectors. Donohue reminds us that growth transformation will always happen, so businesses must have a better designed technology foundation that is stable enough to weather any changes.


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