Five ERP Features You’ll See Soon

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) has evolved from a once stiff notion to a more nimble process. This is all thanks to the advancement of resources, especially cloud technology. Moving to the cloud opens up more flexibility for businesses to use this software more efficiently. shares five ERP features in the works that we should be seeing very soon.

  1. Robust Usage-Based Model Support. “Companies across industries are increasingly looking to develop long-tail subscription revenues by supplementing their main product or service with ongoing services,” notes Jonathan Gross, managing director of ERP consultancy, Pemeco Consulting.
  2. Automation Driven by AI. With AI, businesses can automate a much higher degree of their processes because discovery and setup largely are handled by the system.
  3. AI-driven Bots that Understand Natural Language. Voice is a big trend right now, and many experts predict the revolutionary power of being able to talk to business systems and have them carry out tasks or reply with actionable data. Think Siri or Alexa for industry.
  4. Easier Direct-to-Digital Interfaces. A fully digital business benefits ERP makers, since that raises the utility of the ERP systems that serve as the digital nerve-center for a business.
  5. Natural Inclusion of Experience Data in Business Processes. The feedback loop is getting stronger for businesses because most firms are awash in both customer and operational data.


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