10 technology trends to watch in the COVID-19 pandemic

According to the World Economic Forum, there following 10 technology trends can help us build a resilient society in this global crisis.

  1. Online Shopping and Robot Deliveries. COVID-19 has transformed online shopping from a nice-to-have to a must-have around the world.
  2. Digital and Contactless Payments. Contactless digital payments, either in the form of cards or e-wallets, are the recommended payment method to avoid the spread of COVID-19.
  3. Remote Work. In addition to preventing the spread of viruses, remote work also saves commute time and provides more flexibility.
  4. Distance Learning. Technologies involved in distant learning are similar to those for remote work and also include virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D printing and artificial-intelligence-enabled robot teachers.
  5. Telehealth. Telehealth can be an effective way to contain the spread of COVID-19 while still providing essential primary care.
  6. Online Entertainment. Although quarantine measures have reduced in-person interactions significantly, human creativity has brought the party online.
  7. Supply Chain 4.0. Heavy reliance on paper-based records, a lack of visibility on data and lack of diversity and flexibility have made existing supply chain system vulnerable to any pandemic.
  8. 3D Printing. 3D printing technology has been deployed to mitigate shocks to the supply chain and export bans on personal protective equipment.
  9. Robotics and Drones. COVID-19 provided a strong push to rollout the usage of robots and research on robotics.
  10. 5G and Information and Communications Technology (ICT). 5G has demonstrated its importance in remote monitoring and healthcare consultation. The adoption of 5G will increase the cost of compatible devices and the cost of data plans.

COVID-19 has demonstrated the importance of digital readiness, which allows business and life to continue as usual – as much as possible – during pandemics.


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