How to create a Lawson Business Intelligence (LBI) Report Schedule

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You may have a report in LBI that you want to create historical instances of as well as refresh data from time to time. Let’s go over how to do this.

  1. Login into LBI as an admin user and go to Reporting Services Administration
  2. Go to Maintain Reports and open the report via the [Details] link next to the report name.
  3. In the report under Scheduling, select New Schedule
  4. Under Run Date and Time fill in the:
    • Name (schedule name)
    • Instance Name (name of generated report), you must manually re-schedule if you want to include specific unique information in the name like date.
    • Description
  5. Under Time and Frequency:
    • Set the Scheduled Run Time (time of day)
    • Time and Frequency
      • Schedule for days in a Week – This will run for every day in the week you select regardless of date.
      • Schedule for days in a Month – This will run the day you select in a month. Please note that there are specific check boxes for First and Last day in the month. If a month does not have a day like the 30th or 31st, it will skip that month.
    • Effective Date Period
      • Effective start date: This date must be set after current date and time.
      • Expiration date: The report will no longer run this schedule after this date and time.
  6. The remaining Schedule Options should typically mirror the report options. Any customizations will not change the base report.