How to find a Lawson user ID from an HR11 Employee ID

Some Lawson Security systems are setup with a form of the user ID being a combination of the last name with middle initials / first name initials.

Something like DoeJ for John Doe. Often users get their names updated due to a marriage or divorce and their user ID never gets updated along with their last name.

  1. To find the user by employee number, we need to first go to HR11 and find the user by their new last name to uncover their Employee ID.
  2. For this example, let’s say we search John Doe and it returns an employee ID of 264
  3. Now open Lawson Security Administrator and go to User Management >> Manage Identities
  4. Once in Manage Identities under “Services”, select the employee identity service, ours is named TEST10_EMPLOYEE:
  5. Select employee = <employee ID> and click Add Criteria
  6. Once the criteria is added, Execute Query
  7. You’ll be put to the results tab and if that user exists in Lawson security, it will show as so:

That’s all there is to it!