6 Technologies That Will Reshape Marketing In The Next Decade

When the internet became the main platform to market to consumers, the marketing landscape had to make significant changes. With social media, mobile applications, and virtual assistants becoming widely popular, marketers had to find ways to reach out to consumers faster and more effectively. Jacky Chou, guest writer at Entrepreneur.com, shares the biggest technologies that will reshape marketing in 2020 and beyond.

Big Data, AI and Quantum Computing
“AI thrives on mountains of information to fuel its continuous learning mechanisms, and once leveraged by the mind-bending processing speeds of quantum computers to tap ever-increasing sources of big data, its capacity to deliver unique insights, automate a multitude of tasks and even take over various decision-making aspects from humans will surge exponentially.”

Internet of Things
“Beacon technology, 5G, sophisticated sensors, self-driving cars, smart wearables and smart homes all just mark the beginning of a world where almost anything powered by electricity may be connected to each other and with the all-encompassing web, opening up deep-reaching tracking and engagement opportunities for marketers.”

Voice and Virtual Assistants
“A promising child of AI harnesses one of the most ancient forms of human interaction: voice. The likes of Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant are slowly morphing into a ubiquitous and most seamless UI that will change the way we find information, consume media and buy things.”

Augmented Reality
“Augmented Reality (AR) is set to play a huge role in enhancing the physical shopping experience of retail stores. More engaging shop displays, like Zara’s virtual catwalk that replaced mannequins in one of its stores, allow brands to make stronger emotional connections through interaction. Walmart enhanced its mobile app with an AR scanner, allowing the product-conscious customer to easily retrieve an item’s reviews or additional information.”


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