BL vs. BR What are the major differences?

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BL vs. BR What are the major differences?

As a summary, BR allows for different billing options that are not only item – Quantity times Price to invoice.

BL allows for creating automatic recurring invoices by running a job that creates the invoices.

BR has jobs that will book the revenue recognition as defined for the contract


Feature / Module BL



(Billing & Revenue Recognition)

Using IC for item tracking Y N
Can bill ad-hoc Items Y N
Can Set up Products for billing Y – in IC Y
Can you Print an Invoice to send to the customer Y Performa only
Interfaces to AR Y Y
Requires Activity Module N Y
Auto Create Revenue Recognition entries N Y
Uses Allocations to create Revenue Recognition Entries Y N
Has an Invoice Entry form that looks like an invoice Y N
Create Recurring Invoices Y for various intervals N
Cost Plus Billing Y – based on pricing Y
Pass Thru Billing Y Y
Time and Materials Billing Y Y
Units of Production Billing Y Y
User-Defined Billing Needs to have an item with Quantity times rate associated with invoiced lines Y
Milestone Billing Y- if there isn’t a system generated trigger for the milestone, any invoice item quantity*Price invoice can be created Y – needs to be triggered by something