Use IPA to update multi-step job

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IPA is a useful tool for dynamically updating the parameters of batch jobs in Lawson. At some point you may find the need to update a multi-step job. In that case, you will need to supply values for some of the hidden fields on your batch job. You will need to provide a value for _STEPNBR (a 0-based array).  _f13 is used to name the print file, _f14 is used in the Reports section to set the distribution (“None” for default, “Dist Group” for a distribution group, “Printer” for a printer.  _f15 provides the value of the item in the _f14 selection. So, if you set a “Dist Group”, you would provide the distribution group name in _f15. Field _f18 sets the directory of the print file, if you want it to be different from the default. Here is an example of a multi-step update: