IPA Troubleshooting Series

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Here is a list of known IPA errors and their solutions as provided by Infor.

  1. Email attachment does not existAttachment: Drive:/Path/To/File/filename.ext does not exist.Solution:
    When adding attachments to a IPA email node, you must first ensure the file you wish to attach resides on the Landmark Environment Server.• If the file exists in LASYSDIR/LPS/emailattachments, simply list the file by filename.ext
    • If the file exists in any other Landmark Server Directory, list the file by it’s full absolute directory path
    • If you are using Multi-tenant Cloud, the file needs to be added PfiFileStorage, list the file by its full name in PfiFileStorage 
  2. SSOCfgInfoServlet was not successful Login error: com.lawson.security.authen.httpclient.LawsonHttpClientException: Login: The call to SSOCfgInfoServlet was not successfulImportant to note that any failing path connecting from IPA to LSF server can throw an identical error as stated above. The solution below should only be applied if the following can be seen in WebSphere’s system.out log:REQUIRED SUBSEQUENT ERRORjava.net.UnknownHostException: <server>

    at java.net.InetAddress.getAllbyName0(InetAddress.java:1302)

    Solution: Try adjusting the java.security file to disable caching while troubleshooting the problem on the DNS server. In order to modify this value, open JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security/java.security and change the networkaddress.cache.ttl line to:


  3. IPA Designer: Lawson Query Builder Error Generating Process Query String

This error can pop up upon pressing “Build” in IPA Designer LawsonQuery node.

Solution: This silly error may be caused by using a IPA variable (such as <!appProdline>) for your dataarea in the query string. Instead, just remove the variable and type in the dataarea manually instead.