Monthly Server Healthcheck Section Overview

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Nogalis offers monthly server healthchecks that informs clients of any current or potential problems in Lawson for both PROD and TEST servers. The healthcheck covers error logs, smoke tests, patches, LID functionality, portal check, database integrity, and many other sections (26 total) which will be briefly outlined here.

You can visit to view a demo healthcheck for yourself.

  1. Summary

    This is arguably the most important section of the monthly healthcheck. If there is one section to read, it should probably be this one as it brings to attention the most pressing needs of all the other sections. There is also a handy letter grade assigned each month so you can quickly keep track of the overall health of your server!
  2. Recommendations

    This section has all the combined recommendations from the other sections of the healthcheck. It is divided into three levels of urgency so the client can decide what to focus in on.

  3. System Layout

    System hardware and OS information.

  4. Component Versions

    Lawson components version information. If server versions start to fall significantly behind latest versions, recommendations are made.

  5. Application Versions

    Lawson application version information

  6. Programs with Errors

    Any .err files found in the Lawson directory are pointed out in this section. As with any section, further investigation into any issue can be requested by sending an email to the Key Contact.

  7. Custom Programs

    List of custom Z/Y/X programs

  8. CPU Performance

    Tested while idle and under duress. Just a very rough idea of the CPU performance.

  9. Disks Report

    Report on the free space available of the different drives on the server. We make sure to point out in the Summary and Recommendations sections when a drive is getting dangerously low on free space.

  10. Purge Recommendations

    The disks report is followed by purge recommendations where we point out certain things that could be deleted to free up some space.

  11. Java

    Java settings information/recommendations and a screenshot of the jconsole.

  12. licsta

    Summary table of current licenses (viewable in LID)

  13. Error Logs

    Every month we grab these 6 important logs to analyze them for current errors. These errors are pointed out in this section so that the client can determine if they are worth investigating or not.

  14. Smoke Tests and Component Testing

    Various smoke tests with LID, Lawson portal, and various URL tests

  15. Recurring Job Listing

    Simple table listing of recurring jobs. One of the sneaky benefits of having all this information in one healthcheck page is that it allows for a quick search for any terms using the DOCR search bar on the left panel.

  16. Waiting Jobs

    List of waiting jobs

  17. Database/Table Review and Sizing

    This section displays the 10 tables with the largest number of rows for each of PROD/LOGAN/GEN. A quick overview of this section might lead to decisions to purge certain tables for example.

  18. Database Integrity Check

    Summary of database integrity check performed through LID. Any errors here are pointed out in Summary/Recommendations.

  19. Printers

    List of printers and their commands

  20. Work Directory Review

    Overview of Lawson work folder

  21. Print Directory Review

    The Lawson print directory list by user. This information could possibly be used to purge old users/records.

  22. Security Analysis

    Security analysis performed using LSFIQ
    (1-click Lawson security audit and reporting tool: see for more info.)

  23. Patches Installed Report

    List of latest patches installed on this server.

  24. Source Versions Report

    The source versions report is in a zipped file available to download in the Related Files section.

  25. Related Files

    Any related files related to the healthcheck are in this section where they are available to view or download.

  26. Key Contacts

    If you have any questions about the healthchecks or would like to request an investigation into some error discovered by the healthcheck, please contact anyone in the Key Contacts section with your questions.