7 Golden Rules for ERP Implementations

Nicolas Nicolaou, CFO of cosmetics manufacturer Mana Products and of the Pepsi-Lipton Partnership, shares his insights in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementationThose who have implemented ERP systems know the challenges that come along, but the system itself can be very rewarding. There are basic principles of good project management that apply to any-size company, though smaller companies must consider a bit more. Looking back from taking on an ERP project with a small sized company, Nicolauo has noted a number of golden rules that are imperative for successful ERP implementations. These apply to all company sizes, but may require different perspective for smaller projects.

  1. Get senior leadership sponsorship
  2. Choose the right technology
  3. Choose the right consultants
  4. Staff the project team with the best and brightest
  5. Apply strong project management
  6. Manage “scope creep”
  7. Don’t underestimate training and post-go-live support

Implementing an ERP system is a major project in itself, but follow these golden rules for successful implementation.

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