7 Steps for Implementing Reliability-based Maintenance

Manufacturers today are turning to reliability-based maintenance (RBM)  as a strategy to help maintain valuable plan assets, which play a key role in overall enterprise efficiency. Technology has played a role in plant assets failure. A revitalized approach to maintenance strategies aligns with today’s digital evolution, sensor-based innovations, strict compliance mandates and escalating customer demands. The RBM process provides a sustainable methodology with optimal results.  Kevin Price of software giant Infor highlights 7 Steps for Implementing Reliability-based Maintenance below:

  1. Identify Assets in a Master Asset List
  2. Determine the Asset Criticality Ranking
  3. Optimize PM Program
  4. Analyze Spare Parts
  5. Monitor the PM Program
  6. Determine Failure Causes
  7. Rinse and Repeat

With an RBM system in place to help manage your assets, it’s possible to achieve the objectives for your organization for your asset pool.

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