Lawson System Foundation – launtdll.dll


When applying updates to Lawson System Foundation, you may see an error returned  in the log saying, “Error: Fatal Not all files were delivered.”  While the red highlighted message does not indicate exactly what the problem is, the actual error can be seen earlier in the log.  It reads: “Failed to load inst-gendir-coreadmin/bin/launtdll.dll to D:\lsfdev\gen\bin\launtdll.dll – Delete failed.”  You may then try to delete the launtdll.dll manually.  If so, you will see another error message that the file is in use.  The file becomes locked by the Lawson Unix Utilities when the environment starts.  To resolve the issue, you can set the Lawson environment service to start manually.  Then restart the server.  After the restart, you should be able to manually delete the dll and run the update again.  Selecting the Reload option will redeliver all of the files and the update should continue past the original error.