3 Steps To Embedding Artificial Intelligence In Enterprise Applications

In today’s modern tech world, all contemporary applications that exist use some form of a database, whether it be flat files, in-memory or NoSQL, small or large databases. In the next few months, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) will be necessary for almost all modern apps, becoming the new database for the next generation of applications.

In order to get ready for this new A.I. era of applications, here are 3 steps to begin A.I. – enabling enterprise applications.

Step 1: Start Consuming Artificial Intelligence API’s (Application Program Interface)

Step 2: Build and Deploy Custom A.I. Models in the Cloud

Step 3: Run Open Source A.I. Platforms On-Premises

With A.I. rapidly evolving to become a core component to modern applications, be smart and get started today on exploring APIs.

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