Increase Security Employee Search Limit in Lawson Portal


While using Previous/Next on a record in Lawson portal, you may eventually stumble upon a pesky error message of:

Security search limit of X employees exceeded” (X being anywhere from 1-100+)

 Commonly this could happen when restricting user access via process level, department, etc.

What happens when you click next or previous while inquiring on employees is that Lawson is searching in blocks of records based on your specified search limit.

For example:

If the Employee Security Search limit is set to 10 and we click next to inquire on the next employee record in HR11.

Lawson searches the next 10 employee records to see if the user has access to them.  If they do not, you will get the error message: “Security search limit of 10 employees exceeded”.

When we get the error, we should be on employee record number 10 – meaning if we click next again, we will be on employee number 20 if we do not have access the next 10 records again.


Ideally we’d like to reduce clicking next 10+ times by increasing the search limit.



Don’t forget to click CHANGE after adjusting Employee Search Limit

As seen above, changing the search limit to something higher like 100 or more can dramatically reduce the amount of clicks to get to the next record that the user has access to.

If we change it to 100 and the next employee record is #200, it will only take 2 NEXT clicks to get to that record.