IP Designer Series – The Custom Activity Node


The Custom Activity node in IP Designer is useful for implementing functionality that is not available in the “canned” IPA nodes.

Infor delivers four Custom Activities with IPA. These are “Encoding”, “Assert”, “ComponentTest”, and “FlowRunner”. You can also create your own custom activities by creating Java Bean classes and adding them to the Grid.

Custom Activities are an advanced piece of IPA and should be configured by a developer.

To add a Custom Activity to the grid,

  1. Create a jar file for the supporting classes
  2. Place the jar file you created in the $LACFGDIR/LPS/jars folder
  3. In the Infor Grid, click the gear icon 
  4. Select Applications > Your Application
  5. Click Edit Properties 
  6. Under the LPA heading, find pfi.customActivity.beans and click the “value” link
  7. Add the full classname of your Java Bean class
    1. Class names are separated by semi-colons
  8. Restart the IPA node
  9. Launch IP Designer
  10. Add a Custom Activity node, and click to refresh the list. Your activity should be displayed now.

To use your Custom Activity, select the configuration name for email notification. Select the Activity from the list, then choose the action from within that activity. Then configure your input variables.