5 ERP Trends to Know About This Year

With the ever-growing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, it’s no doubt there will be more innovations in this management system this year. Here are a few ERP trends to be familiar with for 2017.:

  1. The Move to SaaS – the difference between traditional ERP applications and SaaS-based apps can be thousands of dollars.
  2. SaaS-Only and Mixed ERP Options – Often times you can integrate SaaS to a Mixed ERP tool so that you won’t be starting from scratch.
  3. ERP for the Subsidiary – companies are testing the waters of the SaaS ERP by implementing it into one part of the company before replacing the ERP whole-hog.
  4. Competition from Disruptors – SaaS ERP vendors targeting large enterprises is stark competition for ERP leaders.
  5. The Internet of Things – Be looking to large enterprises to begin building out their IoT) ecosystems and leveraging ERP tools to take action on the data created by this connection.

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