Run a Process in IPA

  1. Open Infor Rich Client Run A Process-1
  2. At the login prompt, enter the correct username and password
    Run A Process-2
  3. The canvas is now open. Look in the upper left corner and make sure you are pointing to the prod or test data area (not gen) Run A Process-3
  4. In the upper right corner, click “Start > Applications > Process Server Administrator > Scheduling > By Process Definition”
    Run A Process-4

    1. At this point, you can click, HOLD, and drag the “By Process Definition” link to the canvas. That way, it will create a shortcut on the canvas. Run A Process-5
  5. Once you are in User Defined Processes, you should see a list of Process Triggers that have been set up
  6. Locate the process that you wish to run
    1. If you do not see the process you wish to run, you must create a new trigger for it.
    2. Click the “New” icon Run A Process-6
    3. Select the Process Name you wish to run
      Run A Process-7
    1. Give the trigger a “Work Title” (this is a required field for the trigger to function)
      Run A Process-8
    1. Save the trigger
    2. Close this screen
      Run A Process-9
  1. Right click on the process and select “Start” Run A Process-10
  2. To check the status of the process, open the work units screen at “Start > Applications > Process Server Administrator > Workunits > Workunits”
    Run A Process-11
  3. This presents a list of workunits. Choose the workunit corresponding to the process you just ran, and double click to open the information screen
    1. Here, you can see any error messages and view the log
      Run A Process-12