Healthcare’s next innovation will involve terabytes of Data

In the past, Data from patients and the medical industry has not been used efficiently. A patients various doctors had a tough time of getting their past medical records which led to slow diagnosis’. But now there is a plan to change that.  New enterprise-wide data warehouses are being created around the country that will have the analytic capability to provide a full view of healthcare operations. Some of these operations include: Patient visits, diagnoses, test results, prescriptions, referrals. Understanding the connections between these operations will make it possible to improve patient care and outcomes.

“By reducing the silos and bringing information together, you can start doing care coordination, best clinical practices, and personalized medicine. That’s really the promise of where we’re going,” says Marc Perlman, Global Vice President of Healthcare and Life Sciences with Oracle. “And all of that boils down to how you integrate the data.”

Providers of healthcare know that the potential of the data created by electronic healthcare represents a huge possibility of information that contains great potential for improving patient care and outcomes, lowering costs, and showing to the world what a priority healthcare is to the world.

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