CRM software revenues forecast to hit $23.9bn in 2014

An analyst from Gartner has forecasted that CRM will continue to grow in importance as the market is expected to hit 23.9 billion this year. Of that revenue, cloud revenues make up almost half of that figure.

“The key area at the moment is mobile,” Thompson said. “Large organisations especially have their hands full with trying to understand how to make the most out if mobile technology. ”

With the number of mobile phone users constantly growing it’s importance will only grow as well in the CRM industry.

“Mobile is becoming much more important in all sorts of ways that we do not really understand yet,” Thompson said. “I was talking to a supermarket and they are finding that mobile phone can help them with shopping trolleys. They lose thousands of them but if they have a chip in them then the supermarket can track them down and get them back. It was uneconomic to do this, but now it is possible. When chips costs hundreds of pound it was uneconomic but when they cost pennies…”


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