What’s the True Cost of a Critical Business System Outage?

Today’s fast-paced business environment relies heavily on business systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and is essential for maintaining operational efficiency and keeping a competitive foot in the game. In a paper authored by Jonathon Butler, Vice President of Business Consulting, we see the true cost of system outages and how much we lose outside of financial scopes. The article on ERP Today that discusses this paper notes that financial loss is just the beginning with ERP systems are out of services. “The true cost of such outages, not just in terms of immediate financial losses but also in the broader context of customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and long-term business strategy.”  Butler’s document outlines a three-step approach to managing these risks, beginning with understanding a company’s risk tolerance, followed by a system management health check, and culminating in a comprehensive system health check engagement. QAD offers this engagement and aims to uncover existing risks, identify the gap between current systems and business strategy, and provide actionable insights for improving system health and resilience.


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