Infor’s AI and Sustainability Push: Growth Plans for India

Dataquest, India’s premiere IT print publication, was recently able to site down with Infor’s leadership team, including Terry Smagh, Phil Lewis, and Wolfgang Kobek, outlines Infor’s strategic direction and technological advancements in the Indian market. Dataquest’s executive editor Minu Sirsalewala explores the company’s strategic direction, technological advancements, and future plans, particularly within the Indian market, according to the online article. Infor is a leading provider of business cloud software solutions designed for modern enterprises, is making significant strides in integrating artificial intelligence (AI), sustainability practices, and industry-specific solutions into its offerings. This insightful conversation, notes Sirsalewala, sheds light on how Infor is strategically positioning itself to address evolving market demands, enhance operational efficiencies, and drive sustainable growth across diverse sectors. The discussion covered a range of topics and questions such as sustainability and growth, data residency concerns, AI integration within their ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions, data security, efficiency, cloud trends and their impacts, and how Infor is uniquely positioned to address ESG concerns and drive profitability for Indian businesses. For a full length look into the discussion, you can view the interview on Dataquest’s site below.


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