Evolving Security Operations With AI

The ever-growing presence of cyber attacks and ransomware threats calls for an increased need in cybersecurity efforts for your business. One way to evolve your security operations is with artificial intelligence (AI). With cybersecurity threats evolving rapidly, the combination of AI in your security operations is almost essential. Tony Bradley, cybersecurity expert and Editor-in-Chief of TechSpective, shares an article on Forbes on how to evolve your security operations with AI by finding ways to leverage its strengths to improve security while accounting for its weaknesses and avoiding unnecessary pitfalls. “Automation through AI allows for quicker responses and more effective threat management,” Bradley states, “while AI-driven analytics provide deeper insights into security data, enhancing visibility across diverse and complex environments.”  Matt McKeever, CTO of Cloud Engineering at LexisNexis, adds, “AI can take over the grunt work of filtering through logs and writing detection rules, effectively promoting entry-level analysts to more advanced roles where they can focus on critical decision-making.” Automation with AI has been a game-changer in many aspects of your business systems, and cybersecurity is no different. Bradley notes that AI-driven automation not only speeds up these processes but also introduces accuracy and consistency, allowing humans to focus on more strategic security decisions. Moreover, he stresses that AI is going to continue to play a crucial role in evolving security operations. “By enhancing visibility, automating processes, and leveraging collaborative innovation, AI is setting new standards in the cybersecurity field, promising a more secure and efficient approach to tackling digital threats.”


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