Moving to the cloud? Here are three things you need to consider before you do

When you think digital transformation, these days cloud migration comes to mind. This process of moving your enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform to the cloud goes hand-in-hand with transforming your business towards a digital landscape. While it is a clear cut solution and the direction many are already taking, you must still weigh your options and understand certain aspects of cloud migration before starting the move for your business. An informative article on ERP Today shares three things that one should consider before a big ERP move.

“First, you need to decide on cloud technology or a hybrid of cloud and on-premise technology for your ERP system. A hybrid system is typically used by those who already have a pre-existing ERP system in place. It could cost more to maintain in the long run, however a hybrid ERP means you won’t have to rebuild an entirely new system – as you would have to with a cloud-based ERP.”

“The next factor you need to consider is if cloud technology will help leverage AI technology. Short answer: yes. Cloud software will help pave the way for AI tech to take the center stage. Cloud tech better positions everything from your business (data, systems, processes) to be ready for AI tools and functionality. Cloud technology is flexible and versatile; the agility of the technology on hand is why AI functions are so readily available. Insight Software’s Oracle system tools readily take advantage of generative AI to enhance the user experience.”

“Upgrading from old legacy systems to new and improved broaches the final factor you need to think about: how will you migrate data to the cloud? Insight Software’s Angle Professional was created for this specific purpose. Rather than having to import all legacy data, Angle Professional is a cloud data warehouse. It’s a central point to access data and information from multiple, different sources.”


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