ERP in the cloud

By 2026, according to the IDC, the public ERP (enterprise resource planning) market will reach $73 billion. It’s no surprise that the upward trend of ERP is going to be a hot topic for years to come, as cloud migration and cloud ERP is fast becoming the new normal for business operations. ITWeb content writer and strategist Joanne Carew shares an article of the potential of having your ERP in the cloud. A shift to the cloud, says Carew, means businesses gain more valuable insights from the information they have and seek the flexibility needed to scale as and when they need to. Emma Murray, VP for indirect markets at IFS, adds that cloud ERP combines all the strengths and benefits of a world-class ERP solution with the innovations that the cloud has to offer, which helps to streamline operations, enhance scalability, reduce costs and provide real-time data access. Carew points out that cloud ERP unlocks many potentials for your business operations and your business strategy. “Vendors are now offering fully service-enabled solutions, and updates and upgrades no longer affect business operations. This means businesses have more time to focus on their core operations, according to Murray, and this also creates space for digital transformation,” says Carew.


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