Dormac Drives Efficiency and Automation with Migration to Infor Cloud

Infor recently announced that Dormac Marine & Engineering, a division of Southey Holdings, has embarked on an upgrade project to move its existing Infor LN enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to the cloud. Having implemented Infor LN in 2014, Dormac recognized the value in a SaaS approach needed today. Per the press release, with a strategic approach the team at Infor partner iOCO guided Dormac in charting the best course to ensure its ERP system was geared for the future, while also enjoying continued support and easy upgrades, immediately deployed. Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise was selected as a result. Since starting the upgrade, iOCO has been working closely with Dormac to identify which processes and reports will be moved to the cloud today, and where enhancement opportunities can be capitalized on. Moreover, the teams will be taking all historical data to the cloud rather than only opening balances, ensuring easy and complete reference into past projects and eliminating the need to run two systems.


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