How Cloud ERP Empowers Your Business To Do More With Less

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems deliver an all in one experience to organizations from day-to-day operations to supply chain to human resources and more. With the digital landscape constantly changing, so is the ERP space. On-premise systems are becoming a thing of the past and Cloud-based ERP systems are taking over. Effie Calandra, Director of Cloud ERP Solution Management at SAP, shares an article on Forbes on the advantages that Cloud ERP can have on your business. Based on her findings from the Harvard Business Review paper, “Driving Professional Services Growth with Cloud ERP”, Calandra shares, “Adopting cloud ERP solves legacy software problems by delivering easy-to-use and easy-to-implement process improvements.” This includes identifying errors from invoices to delivering financial documents successfully to decision makers. With a cloud ERP system, Calandra assures that it enables professional services firms to standardize their data and eliminate the routine manual activities that slow them down. Older systems can be fragmented and dependent on manual intervention, often requiring a dedicated IT team to keep up with updates and maintenance, thus seeming costly to your organization’s bottom line. “These challenges lead to delays, data errors, and a lack of visibility that make survival and growth a herculean effort.” says Calandra. With a Cloud ERP system, many of these challenges would go away. Cloud ERP systems include many automated systems, giving your organization the option to dedicate more time and resources to other aspects of the business. Calandra concludes, “The outcome of leveraging standardized processes and increased automations means resources can focus on value-adding and differentiating work, collaborate more effectively with each other, and deliver better experiences and care to clients.”


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