Weekly Patch Notification

Lawson Applications

Week Start Date: Saturday, June 10, 2023

Week End Date: Saturday, June 17, 2023

Package IDTitleCorrected ProgramsReference NumberReleasePlatform OSPlatform OS Version
CTP125851PR292 State of Florida XML Report Change for 2023PR292JR-612070510.0.0.0
CTP125859PR292 : Replace system callsPR292JR-552389510.0.0.0
CTP125975MA540 creates incorrect MATCH-AOC value on APINVOICEMA540JR-615689110.0.0.0
CTP125977Item has wrong extended cost in RQC, this extended cost as unit cost in RQ10.RQCJR-551311010.0.0.0
CTP125978Bill code in PO20.4 remains after inquire on a second poPO20JR-618016410.0.0.0
CTP125983IC81 IOS Error  after patchIC81JR-618959310.0.0.0
CTP125985PR292 State of Oregon Changes on when to report zeroes and blanksPR292JR-619576810.0.0.0
CTP125988Delete Zero Records in GL165 not working when using multiple run groupsGL165JR-619494110.0.0.0
CTP125990GL165 processing GLTRANREL where data exceeds 999,999 lines corrupting GLTRANS, GLCONTROLGL165JR-621379710.0.0.0
CTP125993GM400 report is failing to completeGM400JR-614954610.0.0.0
CTP125995GL292 aborts when accounting unit is not available for all companies in company groupGL292JR-619540310.0.0.0
CTP125999LP51 comment not printed in LP251LP51, LP251JR-617207310.0.0.0
CTP125850PR292 State of Florida XML Report Change for 2023PR292JR-61207059.0.1.0
CTP125858PR292 : Replace system callsPR292JR-55238959.0.1.0
CTP125984PR292 State of Oregon Changes on when to report zeroes and blanksPR292JR-61957689.0.1.0