How AI Will Impact The Next Generation Workforce

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for a long time, but only in the current environment are we noticing its real impact in our personal and professional lives. As AI continues to become more progressive, the World Economic Forum notes, a predicted 85 million jobs globally will be replaced by AI by 2025, and AI can potentially generate 97 million new roles. Tech expert Kalina Bryant shares an article on Forbes depicting how AI has impacted and will continue to impact the current and next generation workforce. Most importantly, Bryant shows how we can embrace the changes that AI will bring so we can properly utilize these AI-driven tools in the workplace.

Breaking Barriers Through Adaptive Work Environments. “By adapting to employees’ unique requirements, AI promotes inclusivity and accessibility. We see data that shows AI is promoting inclusivity and accessibility in many ways that impact workers. According to Accenture, 84% of C-suite executives feel they must leverage AI to accomplish their growth objectives, but most still need to put AI to work to advance growth through inclusion.”

Advanced Inclusive Hiring Practices through AI. “Though we still have a long way to go, AI has played an impactful role in dismantling some of the bias and discrimination within the hiring process, making it possible for companies to achieve greater diversity and inclusion in hiring. Also, according to recent reports, recruiters can use AI tools to discover high-potential candidates outside job boards and other traditional sources. This is how employers can find more diverse candidates that may have yet to be noticed.”

Bridging The Skills Gap. “AI-powered learning platforms offer personalized training and up-skilling opportunities, irrespective of one’s background or location. By considering individual learning styles and preferences, AI fosters equitable access to educational resources. Individuals from underrepresented groups can acquire relevant skills, empowering them to pursue new job opportunities.”

AI Tools can also assist minorities and recent graduates in securing new job opportunities. AI-driven capabilities such as resume optimization, job matching, skill development, bias detection mitigation and accessibility accommodations can help the job search become easier. Additionally, interview preparation and network and mentorships can help prepare the candidates for better interview and hiring instances.


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