25 Business-Technology Trends You Can Expect In 10 Years

We live in the digital age and technology impacts almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives. But the technology we have now doesn’t end there. Steve Andriole, Technology expert and Professor of Business Technology at Villanova University School of Business, shares an article on Forbes of the business-technology trends we should expect and be prepared for in the next decade.

  1. In ten years there will be self-driving cars and trucks everywhere.
  2. Pizzas will appear at your door – without any human participation.
  3. Dead entertainers will tour the country; “concerts” will be physical and virtual.
  4. No one will prepare a tax return.
  5. No one will stand in line to vote.
  6. No one will go anywhere to buy anything.
  7. Healthcare will be “universal,” not because the powers-that-be ordained it (because they won’t), but because smart-phones (and implanted devices) will monitor everyone’s health and telemedicine is what everyone just does – with real or especially digital doctors.
  8. Many of us will only travel virtually.
  9. Commuting – and traffic wars – will be optional. More than half of us will work from home.
  10. Climate change will be more obvious than it is today – far more obvious since global restraints on fossil fuel will have failed by 2033.
  11. Students will learn from wherever, whenever.
  12. Higher education will change fundamentally and more than any other educational level.
  13. Training will be virtual.
  14. Assault weapons will be illegal, though some will still be produced with 3D manufacturing.
  15. Sensors (everywhere) will know what we need and want, and execute fulfilling transactions automatically.
  16. It’s impossible to forget a birthday or anniversary – or wonder what gifts to buy.
  17. Our homes and offices will be very smart and get smarter by watching us do everything we do – all the time.
  18. We’ll browse digital catalogs from headsets (and eventually contact lenses) as small and as fashionable as the sunglasses everyone wants.
  19. In spite of what banks tells us today, “money” will be gone by 2033. All transactions will be digital.
  20. 3D manufacturing will power tiny home factories where we produce a lot of what we need around the house.
  21. Unless “information” is regulated, misinformation and disinformation will wreak social, economic and political havoc on even the most stable governments.
  22. How about immersion into old, current and future sporting events? Full immersion will forever change the way we watch – and experience – sports.
  23. Online sports gambling will be highly regulated. Maybe.
  24. Media with be two-tiered: some will be “free” of advertising and other diversions and some will be surrounded by nothing but advertising.
  25. Many of us will be “chipped” by 2033. We’ll be able to buy things, access currency, enter our homes and start our cars without keys, cards or smart-phones. Small chips will reside between our thumbs and index fingers.

This is only a small sample of the changes coming to our personal and professional lives. Technological advancement is a double-edged sword, and whether or not we are ready, the digital age will continue to move forward. All that we can do is get ready for it.


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