Weekly Patch Notification

Lawson Applications

Week Start Date: Saturday, April 15, 2023

Week End Date: Saturday, April 22, 2023

Package IDTitleCorrected ProgramsReference NumberReleasePlatform OSPlatform OS Version
CTP125845IC588: Replace mv callIC588JR-544322110.0.0.0
CTP125847Replacement item errors ?Major class must be blank because item master major class blank?RQ10 RQCJR-549607410.0.0.0
CTP125848GTIN’s having extra spacesIC527JR-554084710.0.0.0
CTP125852Employees with multiple ACH/direct deposit records erroring for duplicate check numbersPR160JR-549886210.0.0.0
CTP125857IC285 report – row data offsetIC285JR-549372210.0.0.0
CTP125860adjusting amount different for all records when only change it the accounting unit on one lineGM171JT-175169110.0.0.0
CTP125867EX175 error report includes activity information from prior EEEXPDTL dataEX175JR-551555210.0.0.0