Weekly Patch Notification

Lawson Applications

Week Start Date: Saturday, February 25, 2023

Week End Date: Saturday, March 4, 2023

Package ID Title Corrected Programs Reference Number Release Platform OS Platform OS Version
CTP125728 delivered qty not correct on po line source records PO134, PO30 JR-5411952
CTP125730 Additional Parameter in PO254 to Enable Printing of Distributions PO254, PO54 JR-5145302
CTP125732 GLACCTVLD record is retained even after deleting associated detail account in GL00.3 GL00 JR-5163973
CTP125734 IC234 is showing SOH but for some items it is not showing cost for FIFO company IC234 JR-5457233
CTP125735 PO20 and PO120: Replace cp system call PO20, PO120 JT-1781722
CTP125706 Update the way Negative pretax deds are sent to BSI Reverse Process Tax Engine with positive wages PR140 JR-5161274