CES 2023’s Biggest Tech Reveals

CES 2023 has arrived and the newest technology reveals are something to be very excited about. Karisa Langlo and Daniel Van Boom of CNET share the newest gadgets and innovations that you should look out for in the coming months. 

Folding and sliding mobile device – Samsung’s Flex Hybrid features a mobile device with the left side that folds, like the Galaxy Fold, while the right side can slide out to extend itself.

A glasses-free 3D laptop – This ASUS laptop’s OLED screen produces a 3D experience without glasses, similar to competitor Acer’s IPS screen laptop. The OLED screen is the difference makers because the technology promises a visibly crisper 3D rendering.

Advancements to health monitoring in Smartwatches – Smartwatches already track your health by offering heart rate, sleep quality, and blood-oxygen levels. Japanese watchmaker Citizen takes it a step further, introducing the CZ Smart watch which can measure fatigue and alertness levels to keep the wearer informed of their overall wellbeing.

The thinnest gaming laptop in the world – Alienware’s lineup of new laptops included the Alienware x14 – which according to the company is the thinnest 14-inch gaming laptop in the world. It features a 2,560×1,600-pixel display with a 165Hz refresh rate. Starting price is $1,799 and the company plans to ship it out this winter.

Invisible laptop touchpads – LG introduced its new Gram Style laptop, featuring a hidden or disappearing touchpad that presents itself only when you touch the palm rest. The stealthy haptic touchpad lights up under your fingers when touched, showing you where to tap and drag to navigate the screen.

A gaming controller for PC gamers who also use consoles – Dell’s Concept Nyx gaming controller plans to bridge the gap between a gamepad and a keyboard for PC gamers who are also console gamers. This controller allows PC gamers to use hotkey setups and have dozens of inputs, similar to a gamepad with more features/options, but to the set up and functionality of a console controller.

Roku TVs – Already a popular smart TV platform, Roku has decided to expand their line and start producing TVs of their own. Roku TVs will feature the same Smart TV platform and Voice Remotes.

Introducing a truly Wireless TV (you read that right) – LG already introduces us to the world’s largest OLED TV last year – their 97-inch model. This year, they announced that this machine has now gone wireless. Gone are the days of cluttered cords behind the screen. The wireless TV will communicate with a top box where you can plug in your HDMI and other inputs. This TV, Langlo and Van Boom comments, is the way of the future, putting all others to shame.

Upgrades coming to your laptop’s brains – Intel unveiled new 13th-generation processors which will power a huge range of products and improve performance on a wide range of laptops.

Cloud gaming in your car – Nvidia’s GeForce 4080 GPU is coming to the cloud, and your cars. If your car has a screen on its dash, you can play games while the car is in park. If there are screens behind the driver or passenger seats, those sitting in the back can game on the go as well.


What tech are most excited about this year?


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