LSU Shreveport Partners with Infor to Create Better Experiences for Faculty and Students

Infor recently announced that Louisiana State University Shreveport (LSUS) has partnered with Infor Hospitality to create better experiences for students and faculty on its campus.  Through mobile ordering with Infor OrderNow and traditional point-of-sale (POS) terminals, this goal can be achieved throughout their over 200-acre campus. With students frequenting the dining areas every day, Infor Hospitality will deliver the tools needed to create the best possible platform to serve guests with efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness. Per the press release, LSUS was looking for a reputable technology partner with a solution that could easily integrate with LSUS’s current campus card management system to enable accessibility, continuity and visibility. Through seamless integrations, student and faculty will be able to easily view and track their balances or even split payments. Infor OrderNow has the ability to integrate with kitchen display solutions to enable a more efficient ordering process, as well as multiple payment options to make frictionless and secure payments. In addition, as part of the Infor Hospitality CloudSuite, Infor POS will help LSUS control incoming data from multiple revenue centers as transactions will securely integrate to leading payment platforms and loyalty applications, making for an easy-to-use, operationally versatile solution. The centralized management structure allows users to analyze performance at a single location in real time, allowing for greater efficiency and more informed decision making. Further, Infor OrderNow will provide LSUS with mobile ordering functionality, providing an alternative to counter-based ordering. And, because an app download is not required, it can be quickly and easily adopted by students and faculty for immediate uptake via QR code with campus management credentials.


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