4 Ways Technology Can Support A Culture Of Innovation

Innovation is a key formula to maintaining success in today’s business landscape. One of the easiest way to bring about innovation to your company is utilizing technology and the many advancements its given to businesses of every sector. While a business leader may be hesitant to bring about technological change because they don’t quite fully understand the right technology to introduce to their companies, they can still lay a technological foundation to invite change. Many times, it’s about having the right minds and leaders on your team. Daragh Mahon, Forbes Technology Council Member and EVP and CIO of Werner Enterprises, shares an article describing how technology can support a culture of innovation for your business.

  1. Position IT as collaborators. “Because innovation and tech are so intertwined, your IT department will play a crucial role in driving your innovation culture. They will be the builders of departmental designs and solutions, so their expertise in providing recommendations will be vital.”
  2. Invest in diverse tech leadership. “Technology is the primary tool of the modern world, and leaders need to have a solid understanding of how it can best benefit their business.”
  3. Reassess and revise your tech. “Legacy technology has been a stumbling block for many organizations as they try to modernize. Many businesses opt for building intermediate solutions between old and new solutions as a quick workaround. However, long-term costs need to be considered as well. Time and labor spent creating solutions to integrate with older systems are resources taken away from any forward-looking innovation. Newer talent may not be versed in an older system’s framework or language, making them harder to maintain as time goes by.”
  4. Create an idea-testing process. “Developing a standardized process for creating, building and testing ideas—whether technical or not—is imperative for an innovative culture. You must set clear boundaries around time, budget, resources, testing and scalability.”


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