16 Expert Strategies To Help Companies Minimize Cloud Costs

Shifting your company to the cloud is a cumbersome yet rewarding (if done right) process. In this day and age, the pros -improved security and faster service – certainly outweigh the cons – time and costs – costs being the hardest to sell to decision makers, With careful planning and decision making, you can easily avoid unnecessary expenses and keep your implementation costs under control. 16 Forbes Technology Council Tech Experts share their tips on how to minimize costs when shifting to the cloud.

  1. Establish Governance Models Up Front
  2. Take Advantage Of Cloud-Specific Benefits
  3. Adopt Spot Instances
  4. Follow A Multicloud Design And Build Strategy
  5. Consolidate Cloud-Based Offerings
  6. Invest In Private Access
  7. Dedicate Efforts To Monitoring Cloud Spending And Usage
  8. Establish Clear Visibility Into Application Performance And User Experience
  9. Leverage Resource Modeling And Discovery Tools
  10. Ensure You’re Operating Cloud-Native Systems
  11. Let The Team Decide On ‘Nice To Haves’
  12. Focus On Scalability And Growth
  13. Develop Hot And Cold Storage
  14. Negotiate With Your Cloud Provider
  15. Automate Noncritical Systems Shutdowns
  16. Establish A Rules-Based Archival Strategy


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