What is a commonly overlooked step in an ERP implementation?

Implementing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a consuming project. Researching your options, determining your budget and time commitment are all factors to consider. One major factor that shouldn’t take a backseat in the selection process is choosing your stakeholders. This task may be easily overlooked but key stakeholders being involved in the ERP implementation process early on could prove to be beneficial. HR Technology expert Eric St-Jean shares an article on TechTarget on how stakeholder play an important tole in ERP implementation. “Failing to include key stakeholders early in the project can negatively affect the ERP implementation in a variety of ways. Stakeholders may catch potentially costly mistakes like failing to include important tasks like data migration in the project plan. In addition, the stakeholders may not support the project if they haven’t been included from the start,” St-Jean says. the role of a stakeholder can stretch from having key advisors, active team members in the project, and support for critical issues. Setting them up in different stages of the implementation means there will always be input from them throughout the process. St-Jean concludes that including the right stakeholders in the project can benefit the project in many ways. and can also promote the new ERP system to their co-workers, which could help with system adoption, and help document new processes, making it easier for their co-workers to learn the new system.


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