Three Ways To Guide Your Business Through A Tumultuous Economy


Today’s economy, to say the least, is a mess. With the effects of the pandemic still in our midst, we are also facing inflation and skyrocketing interest rates. Consumer spending is becoming more conscious and businesses are fighting for these sales. Forbes council member Gadi Shamia shares an interesting article explaining that despite all of these hurdles, there is still hope for businesses to grow. Below are three steps that Shamia encourages every entrepreneur to take today to get through all of this economic uncertainty intact and position themselves to grow.


  1. Double down on customer service. With the way customers rely on online research and shopping – now more than ever thanks to the pandemic – it is imperative to focus on customer service and retention. Shamia explains, “The most important thing to remember right now is that your customers are everything. Retention should be top of mind at any time, but it matters more than ever when the economy is in such a state of flux. This means you can’t afford to make cuts to customer initiatives or other programs that support and serve your buyers right now. If anything, it’s time to invest more into keeping your customers happy, which starts with strong customer service.”
  2. Focus on making strategic changes. Today’s economy tests the resilience and adaptability of a business to stay open. Shamia suggests to focus and prioritize strategic changes to your business model. “As you consider the changes you need to make in your business, start by zeroing in on efficiency. While you might be open to pursuing new marketing methods or investing in a new product during times of abundance, become more efficient by dedicating your efforts and resources to what’s been proven to work. Specifically, what impacts your pipeline and revenue the most? You may need to pare down on tangential marketing tactics that increase brand awareness, for example, and reallocate that into sales drivers.”
  3. Explore how technology can help. Now more than ever we rely on the digital world for our every day needs. Businesses who aren’t online in this economy are missing out. “Another consideration is to invest in a go-to-market platform in order to become more efficient and get richer data that helps you make more informed decisions. In addition, your marketing technology may also be overdue for an upgrade. Choosing the right software can mean having myriad options for automating many aspects of your business that do not require human oversight, therefore saving time and money while allowing your team members to stay focused on their true areas of expertise.”


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