Weekly Patch Notification

Lawson Applications

Week Start Date: Saturday, May 28, 2022

Week End Date: Saturday, June 4, 2022

Package ID Title Corrected Programs Reference Number Release Platform OS Platform OS Version
CTP124499 Unable to process reclass or adjustments while time records exist on the PR35.2 Detail Time Entry PR37 JT-1733250
CTP124501 PO20 – Users are getting error, “APD-BILL-CAT does not exist” PO20 JT-1738663
CTP124505 Fully applied credit memos show in  AR196 if the credit memo was transferred/canceled AR196 JT-1741405
CTP124506 Cash Code error encountered when running by company-group AP520 JT-1750709
CTP124507 Update AP520 to allow more than 9,999 distribution lines on a single invoice AP520 JT-1680377
CTP124511 Tax Frequency override from PAEMPLOYEE not being passed to Taxfactory 11 PR140 JT-1741485