Seven steps to help protect your ERP system against cyberattacks

Your company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) houses your most vulnerable data, yet you may not realize the system itself is even more vulnerable. Cyberattacks now more than ever are an ongoing issue and an attack to your ERP system would take a huge blow for any company. While many businesses are investing in upgrades and cloud migrations at the top of their list with their ERP systems, they should also greatly consider an upgrade to their security efforts. Katya Defossez and Wolf Richter share a great article on highlighting the best ways to protect your ERP system against cyberattacks. While there is no such thing as a perfectly protected environment, Defossez and Richter suggest these seven activities that companies should consider to better detect, defend against, and recover from cyberattacks.

  1. Identify your most important information
  2. Create a road map to identify all interfaces with the system
  3. Install middleware to monitor data flows
  4. Reduce vulnerabilities and data flows where possible
  5. Stop backing up ‘hacked’ systems
  6. Make ERP teams an integral part of cyberattack-response exercises
  7. Be more systematic in hardening ERP systems

Nothing in the digital space is hacker proof, but taking the necessary security precautions can help prevent it from being an easy target and risking your data and your organization’s resources.


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