Joyson PlasTec Elevates to the Multi-Tenant Cloud

Infor recently announced that Joyson PlasTec GmbH has decided to leverage Infor CloudSuite Automotive. As a supplier of plastic components for the automotive industry, Joyson PlasTec aims to benefit from greater business agility and flexibility in an increasingly competitive market by implementing the multi-tenant cloud solution. Per the press release, the company has the opportunity to reorientate its operations, including the corporate IT. Joyson PlasTec opted for Infor’s multi-tenant cloud solution after an internal evaluation of cloud vendors. Additonally, Infor’s newly developed 60-30-10 approach will be used as follows: Infor’s Implementation Accelerator will be used to map at least 60 percent of all necessary functionalities and processes in the software standard and to implement another 30 percent through configuration options to ensure a smooth transition to live operation. The remaining 10 percent — the customer’s individual, highly-specific business processes — will be agreed upon separately. Further, the implementation will be supported by Infor partner Silicium Consulting. Go-live is scheduled for 2022.


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