11 Tech Trends That Will Impact Professional Communications In 2022

Technology has since transformed the way we communicate with one another. In business, communication is key in the business and consumer side.  Every industry is affected by technology trends, especially those in the field of professional communications. It’s the way you utilize certain mediums of communication that affect your company’s day to day operations and how to relay messages through your marketing plans. The experts of Forbes Communications Council Expert Panel offer their best predictions as to which technologies will most impact professional communications in the coming year.

  1. Cloud-Native And SaaS Platforms To Boost Collaboration
  2. Investment In First-Party Data Solutions
  3. AI- And ML-Based Insights Into Message Resonance
  4. Solutions That Utilize First-Party Data And AI/ML
  5. Greater Use Of Data Analytics To Drive ABM Campaigns
  6. The Use Of Social Media Insights To Build More Relevant Content
  7. The Rise Of The Multichannel Communication Platform
  8. More Leveraging Of In-Product And In-App Insights
  9. More Sales Made Via Short-Form Video
  10. Adapting Messages To TikTok And Similar Platforms
  11. A Continuing Shift From Email To Messaging Apps


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