Weekly Patch Notification

Lawson Applications

Week Start Date: Saturday, December 11, 2021

Week End Date: Saturday, December 18, 2021

Package ID Title Corrected Programs Reference Number Release Platform OS Platform OS Version
CTP123997 PO120 running long after update to PO120PD 48 PO120 JT-1657491
CTP124058 Apinvapproval issues – Truncated invoice on workunit title AP25, AP26, AP126, AP126 JT-1669962
CTP124061 IC23 allows intransit receipt quantity greater than quantity on transfer document IC23 JT-1673186
CTP124067 IC191 CSV alignment off with long descriptions 3 changes on item IC191 JT-1680097
CTP124068 Introduced new maintenance and report programs for UDI [Phase 3] IC99, IC375, IC75 JT-1129137
CTP124071 scrgen productline po results in warning errors PO225, PO33, PO34, PO66 JT-1680621
CTP124074 PO25 Amount Ordered not updating after doing Reject/Unrelease on PO17 PO17 JT-1578838
CTP124076 Error encountered when running CM130 to generate payout out of reserve balance for an employee’s supplemental assignment CM130 JT-1632336
CTP124078 AC160 inconsistent message when adding job and activities don’t allow capitalization. AC160 JT-1667641
CTP124079 CB150 is not editing against budget for records entered in CB55/CB20 while CB55/CB20 does give the expected edit CB150 JT-1678972