4 Powerful Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Social CRM

In the digital age today, consumers have access to anything and everything in real time. This proves a powerful took for customers and their expectations are at the highest, putting pressure on the brands they like to better understand and cater to them. The best tool to control customer behavior for a company is a customer relationship management (CRM) system. These systems help companies know their customers through interaction, purchase history, and predictive trends. With social media being an invaluable tool for information. connecting social platforms with CRM should be a priority. Social CRM integrates your brand’s social media presence and campaigns into your existing CRM system. An interesting article on Innovation & Tech Today provides 4 powerful reasons why your business should have a social CRM strategy in place.

Social Media Analytics. “When using CRM, your brand can access comprehensive information about your customers such as demographics, interests, goals, and buying behavior. With this kind of information, your sales and marketing teams will better understand their target market, allowing them to concentrate only on authentic leads, which improves the probability of converting into sales.”

Unified Social Communication. “When you have customers interacting with your brand from different platforms such as emails, social media, chats, and phone calls, keeping track of all these channels can be challenging. With a social CRM, it is possible to stream all the notifications from the various social platforms in one place.”

Damage Control. “With a reliable CRM in place, you can promptly respond to customer complaints before the situation gets out of hand. Keeping track of negative comments and criticism can help your brand make improvements and meet the customer’s expectations.”

Today’s business is all about understanding the customer. With social media being a main platform for consumer behavior, it’s critical to put a social CRM plan in place with your existing system.


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