Royal Dutch Nedschroef to Save Costs, Reduce Risks and Increase Productivity with the Infor Cloud

Nedschroef has chosen Infor CloudSuite Automotive to help modernize its business operations to save costs and increase efficiency. Founded in 1894, Nedschroef has evolved from a cluster of autonomous organizations to a single entity consisting of various business units. Per the press release, Nedschroef needed a technology partner with standardized solutions and knowledge of the automotive industry, and turned to Infor and partner Merino Consulting Services to rollout the project. The solution has already been implemented and is operational for two Nedschroef sites in Barcelona and Schrozberg, Germany. Rollout for the remaining sites is planned through 2024. With the implementation of Infor CloudSuite Automotive, Nedschroef now has the potential to save costs, reduce risks and greatly increase productivity in quality and quantity.


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