The Future Of Cloud Is Vertical

The history of cloud services tracks had very neutral, horizontal offerings.  The cloud was for everyone and for every aspect in our personal and professional lives. However, that is no longer the case and the future of cloud is shifting to a vertical approach. Emil Sayegh, President and CEO of Ntirety, one of the largest managed cloud service platforms in the world, shares an article on Forbes about the narrative of vertical cloud progress. In recent years we’ve seen vertical progress with companies such as Azure and AWS, specialized in government clouds. Look for technical, security, and compliance tool sets for each cloud vertical that will look more like the .Gov cloud, but also look for other emerging verticals in healthcare, banking, IOT, manufacturing and self-driving vehicles to name a few. Verticals in these areas will most likely align with specialized tools, along with resiliency, security, and performance. The verticalized cloud will aid in businesses specializing industry-specific needs such as security, technologies, and application services. Technologies that would shine in vertical cloud growth include web applications, customer relationship management, application, data and systems monitoring, and email, voice, and messaging integration. Exploring vertical cloud offerings is a venture into specific sectors, says Sayegh. Vertical clouds focus on the needs and advantages required for businesses within that solution to improve user data experiences, provide critical business insights, operate under compliance and enhance security and reliability. Sayegh concludes that you will not be able to avoid this vertical cloud future.


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